Border Wall

Mexico’s gonna pay for the border wall and not a penny will come from the American people. We all know Donnie’s failed promise two years ago during his campaign run. Today Donnie says if Congress doesn’t give him $5 billion for a Great Great Concrete Wall he’ll let the government shut down. Oh wait it gets mo’ gooder… government shut down and then have the military build it cause “they know how important it is.” The House and Senate compromised and have bills ready keeping the gov running and increased border security funding through next year, but minus a wall. All Donnie has to do is agree. Notice that funky little word CoMProMiSe. Look it up Donnie or at least have someone read ya the definition. A lightning bolt thought hit us during our daily VillageRuckus meditation session, we don’t think this wall thing is about immigration at all. A “Great Wall” that long and high can be seen from space, don’t they already have one of those in China? We think Donnie’s Wall is the ultimate homage to himself. Think about it? Donnie. Ego. Vanity. Forever.

Mueller Update

Ever hear about a very old text out of ancient China called The Art of War by Sun Tzu? It’s a writing that lays out military strategy in war. No matter how old the teachings current generals, leaders, athletes, and business people apply principles from the texts when faced with conflict. One tactic basically says “attack a formidable enemy through deflection, when not certain of defeating the enemy.” Call the VillageRuckus krazy, but doesn’t this strategy sound like this morning’s lunatic Trump rant against Eisenstein, Mueller, Comey, Clinton, and others who are involved in the Russia probe? Well today, Robbie Mueller will spill more details of his investigation, which apparently caused Trump to go on the offensive, to try and control any damage from the report. But Trump attacked everyone, this is also called the shotgun shit wall approach. Meaning, shoot some shit tweets on the wall and see what sticks. Now that’s a tongue twister. Stay tuned cause here comes Robbie Mueller with a can o’whoop ass.

Funeral Snub

Even at a funeral Donnie can’t behave. No matter what issues you have with someone, all that junk is put on the back burner until the next day. Somehow no one informed Donnie of this fact. All the living past presidents and their wives attended George Bush’s state services, including Donnie and Melania. Donnie shook hands with Obama and Michelle…but snubbed the Clinton’s? Instead he turned and handed his coat to his military escort. Now on the other hand Melania demonstrated a lot more class and politely shook hands and greetings with both Clintons. Why are we even surprised at this point, but we are. All Donnie had to do was fake nice, sit on a hard azz church pew for a couple hours, separated by the Obamas from the Clinton’s, and go about the next 2 years without having to see any of them. The Villageruckus doesn’t know if Trump’s ego or growing stomach is bigger?

Chess Game

In the very near future Mueller’s final report will be stamped and ready to go, but go where is the question? We peons naturally assume, and in this case wrongly assume, the public will finally hear what Mueller’s months of investigations has uncovered. Not so fast folks, cause Rudy Giuliani and Trump will try and claim executive privilege to prevent public viewing of the report. Now throw in Manafort’s plea agreement violation and lying to investigators. In a public sentencing hearing Mueller will show his evidence through a very very intelligent presentation which includes witness on how Manafort lied. And in this hearing all Mueller has to do is reveal his strongest evidence against Trump too that is already in the final report. Rudy nor Donny can’t stop this or use executive privilege in public hearings. Hope we explained that correctly cause it seems to me Robbie Mueller is playin chess when Trump is still playin checkers.

Trump, Cohen and Mueller

2019 will be an interesting year for Mr. Trump, because now his former personal lawyer has plead guilty for lying to Congress about Trump’s business dealings in Moscow. But what people fail to grasp is yeah he plead guilty, but there is no signed plea bargain. So now there’s multiple issues to consider. Cohen technically is an admitted faker, who knows which truth(s) are truly true? What Cohen information can Mueller use and stand up to the truth bar? Did Cohen plea guilty for a reduced prison bid (I would too, prison’s no joke)? Either way more very very great intelligent stuff is gonna come out against Trump. And street whisperers say even bigger than Trump Moscow love affairs, are his business tax returns. Supposedly there’s a whole lotta fraudulent activities, shady $$ reporting that makes no damn CPA sense, money laundering, and would ya believe possible mafia relationships…say it ain’t sooooo. Yup. As these dominos start to fall one by one, so will Trump’s ever micro fiber thin credibility (gone baby gone),presidency, and personal business.

General Motors

Film maker Michael Moore recently made an observation about how Trump was out maneuvered by General Motors and should have expected jobs cuts from the auto maker. For years GM supposedly has promised to create jobs in exchange for tax breaks. But since early 2000’s GM has been quietly dissolving the amount of its business in Michigan. And now GM says the 14k effected jobs are due to the decline in sedan sales as more people continue to buy SUV’s and cross overs. Sure Trump is upset because he promised more jobs more manufacturing more blue collar stuff, and 14k lost jobs doesn’t look so good on his resume. But Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum which those cars are made of has nothing to do with GM’s decision right? May be if Trump were on better terms with corporate America and Wall Street some of these losses could be averted. But Trump is Trump and according to Moore, even before his presidency Trump was seen as the trailer trash of the millionaires club. And looking at the last 2 years, Moore’s observations seems about right.


May be the press is waiting after Thanksgiving to shed more light on this topic, but why isn’t anyone saying more about Ivanka Trump’s use of personal email for government business? And before papa Don argues his daughter’s emails weren’t classified material like Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, there are a few similarities to both situations. Both claim they didn’t know the rules…hahaha.

Ignorance is bliss. Clinton’s server was located in the basement of her house, Ivanka’s server is at her daddy’s NY real estate company, probably in the basement. Allegedly Clinton deleted emails deemed personal. White House IT officials don’t even have access to Trump’s server to determine what’s been erased and what hasn’t. But all is OOkay because Ivanka’s attorney “reviewed” all the emails and forwarded the ones he said were business related. Oh, and Ivanka’s ignoring any media questions about the shady shannanigans. Somebody call the Cyber Security Police.


Democrats finally wrestle control of the House, mainly running on a new blood new change platform. They were also helped by Donny’s daily degradation and tweet outbursts on anyone and everyone not white like him or crazy rich. Now the problem is who do the Democrats choose as their leader; front runner Nancy Pelosi who represents the old guard, or someone else who may have new ideas for real change? Of course there’s positives and negatives to both choices. Pelosi is a battle tested veteran who already knows how to wheel and deal with the House cause she’s done the job before. Problem is she may have the same us versus dem damn Republicans outlook without hints of moving forward and leaving the past behind. And a new leader is just that, new. An ultra quick learning curve and quickly thrown into the shit while trying to institute promised change. If Pelosi doesn’t carry the necessary votes, the VillageRuckus sees real potential for new direction, or at least the attempt which no one can fault.


Hey Hey Miss Melania, don’t you realize up until now the public’s given you the benefit of the doubt. You appear to be an attentive caring protective mother who’s kept a wise arm’s distance from your husband’s train wreck of a presidency. But when you start blasting staff or government employees through social media, all you’re doing is giving yourself a public image beat down. We all know who probably created and ultimately approved the social media shaming because that’s what he does everyday, but for you to actually go through with it is a let down. Many thought your boat glided above Don’s stank swamp, are we wrong? If you have a problem with someone handle your business within, not through the internet. Now you look weak, where you could have been ruthless behind the scenes. Believe it or not the VillageRuckus saw you as a victim of Machiavellian Donnie’s world, but may be you’ve been or always have been just as…..prayin for ya.

The Stock Market

Stocks for the last few days are making investors tinkle in their pants with real fear. The dike of high stock prices may be showing signs of fatigue. A market that can’t keep such a torrid pace without experiencing a very near term correction into normalcy. And as this tanking slide happens Trump blames this decline on the democrats? The prospect of House Democrats further investigating his tax returns, finances, and potential conflicts of interest driving down prices is his theory? If you have nothing to hide, welcome any and all investigations 45. Of course poor decisions by companies and the increasing fear of a China trade war caused by Trump has nothing to do with anything. Is there no limit to Trump’s deflection tactics, with an ego as vast and large as space, the final frontier? After the elections many of Trump’s proposals now won’t make it out of the House, so it stands to reason his focus will be on playing hardER ball with China…..and watch the USS Stock Market take on more water.