What The……Whitaker

Today’s political buzz is all about Trump’s state of the union speech last night. Late night comedians and news shows, early morning news have analyzed the good and bad of it too death, but the VillageRuckus wanted to point out something no one’s mentioned and it vaguely regards the Robbie Mueller investigation. As customary to every SOTU speech when the president says something perceived as positive, his affiliated party stands and applauds. However, military Generals and Supreme Court Judges don’t clap for anything because they’re supposed to be neutral. Interim Attorney General Matt Whitaker sat with the Republicans and also stood and applauded Trump with the rest. As the country’s top representative lawyer, shouldn’t he too be neutral and only concerned with enforcing the law regardless who’s president? Shouldn’t the Attorney General appear “neutral” like the Justices, cause after all they’re just super lawyers too?

Stone Cold….

A few days ago Trump’s good friend Roger Stone indicted on charges and arrested at the direction of political corruption assassin Robbie Mueller. And coincidentally just yesterday a profusely sweating interim Attorney General Matt Whitaker announces Mueller’s investigation should be wrapping up? VillageRuckus suspects Trump made a phone call to Whitaker and demanded he find a way to end Mueller’s probe asap. Seems obvious to us Trump’s back side is heating up, but if he’s innocent we don’t understand why? Trump continually shouts he’s done nothing wrong, but many close associates in his circle face arrests and jail time. VillageRuckus wants to know why this president would associate himself with so many criminals? Does Trump have bad judgment picking friends, probably not. But we’ll just say crooks usually hang out with other crooks. Pretty easy to connect the many dots of white house corruption.

Shut This Down….

Here’s a fun fact no one hardly talks about during this government shutdown. Did you know there are about 4.1 million federal contractors, both individuals and companies? They work in cafeterias, provide security for museums and government buildings, security for overseas diplomats, transportation, finance, airplane parts, engineers, telecommunications, contract management, IT security, project management, and the list goes on and on and on. The number of gov contractors actually out number those who are full federal employees. And Trump thinks he sooo gracious by signing a bill that guarantees back pay during a shut down. BUT what he won’t tell America is the bill doesn’t cover the 4.1 million contractors. They are ineligible for back pay. Admittedly Trump didn’t make up that no payment rule, but it serves as another example that deeeeep down Trump doesn’t care about everyday folks or else he’d end the shut down and get people their owed $$$. He only cares about the person he sees in the mirror everyday.

Worse than the Bold & the Beautiful…..

All in one week! Former personal attorney Mike Cohen claims at Trump’s direction he hired an outside data company to help rig polling results in favor of Trump. Trump during his campaign speeches repeatedly said he and no one on his team were in cahoots with Russia, now Rudy Giuliani flip flops with his version of lying truths hinting it’s possible Trump’s campaign team was working with Russia but not the president himself. In a purely vindictive stunt, citing the shut down and mo betta use of government funds Trump cancels the use of a military plane for Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Nato commanders and allies. About two hours later on the same day Trump’s wife flies away on vacation, on a military plane. Shut down is proclaimed longest in history. Most of the House Democrats are calling for the start of impeachment proceedings. And finally breaking news, Trump and Kim Jong Un to meet for a 2nd meeting at the end of February probably to discuss the intricacies of fast food and soda. The Village Ruckus is dizzy.


We won the national college championship by beating Alabama. I’m a senior and next stop for me is NFL tryouts, have to stay in peak physical shape and be ready. But first the team is invited to the white house as is the tradition to meet the president. All the guys wear suits and we fly up to DC. The place is nice as we get the grand tour and head into the dining room for a meal. Everybody ready to dig into some shrimp and fish and steaks!!! NOPE. Trump served Micky Deez, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Dominos pizza, and thinks it’s a great PR stunt to personally pay for everything. El Cheapo. WHAT da f?@$. Wake up 45, elite athletes have nutritionists and rarely eat fast food. It’s not on the menu. Doesn’t Trump realize what you put into your body is what you get out of it everyday…wait…reportedly Trump eats all that stuff all the time. What if he ate healthy and gave up the multiple daily cans of soda? Is there a correlation between his diet versus pee brained decisions and actions? I think it’s worth studying, a $5.6 billion grant should do it.

William Barr

The Attorney General confirmation hearing for William Barr sounds eerily similar to all the complaints and criticisms when Jeff Sessions went through his ringer of questions. It’s easy to see why though. Both are accused of being racist, both accused of sticking to ideologies stuck in the 1960’s which is bad MOJO for any minority, both accused of not having an anti Trump backbone while maintaining neutrality on the job. But there’s one criticism Sessions did not face, no one ever said he didn’t know the law. Same can’t be said of Barr. Barr himself has admitted several times he’s written current opinions without knowing all the facts, or he’s misinterpreted and not applied the full statute of law. THAT is scary. Barr’s also said a border barrier is needed and he supports Trump’s wall. A senator pointed out most drugs come into the US at legal ports of entry and asked Barr when was the last time he visited a port. Answer: 30 years ago. Just another guy stuck in the past trying keeping separate but equal mentality alive and well.


There’s a small shimmy sham glimmer of overall hope that’ll probably be pissed on and doused like a camp fire, but a small group of Republican senators introduced a measure banning future government shut downs. Here at VillageRuckus we see the effort as noble and valiant. But if they really wanted to impress the American people add the following supplemental provision too: in the event of a government shut down all House and Senator pay checks are shut down like every one else. Did ya know years ago congress voted in the event of a shut they still get paid? We’ve said this before but most politicians view the American people as sheep…baaaaaaaaaaaa!! How egotistical and hard azz-ery can one be to hold someone’s paycheck hostage? Wake up wake up wake up…..the devil’s taken human form and it sits in the white house.

We’re BACK….

Right before XXmass we logged into the VillageRuckus account and received Error 500 on the screen, the blog was DOA! What da hell? We knew the bills were advanced paid for the next two years so money wasn’t the issue. We called our blog medical team for answers. After two grounds of plucking prodding and probing they gave us the diagnosis: we were hacked, our server bamboozled! What’s funny is that no one ever responds directly to any of our posts. But apparently someone or something has been paying attention, may be didn’t like our thought provoking content? Blog docs performed surgery with super glue and duct tape to get us back up and humming along. The timing of our return couldn’t be better, democrats flexing their new found power muscles, and last night Trump spewing fear and loathing and truths that aren’t truths but may be some truth or sliver of truths about this border wall. Happy to be back!!


Did you know a government shutdown effects roughly 800,000 people who will be furloughed or forced to work without pay? Sadly the timing of the situation couldn’t be worse being so close to the holidays when folks are spending more money than usual. If they’re not getting paid, how do they pay their bills and credit cards? Apparently keeping Americans working and productive is less important than holding out for a useless border wall. Keeping $$ in people’s pockets is less important than a $5 billion dollar temper tantrum. The VillageRuckus has our collective fingers crossed the House stays strong and continues to black list this Wall. Trump is nothing more than a bully, with no regard for the the everyday American as he holds their jobs and paychecks hostage. And as usual Trump is lightning quick to place the blame on the Democrats, when only a few days ago said that he would gladly take responsibility for the shutdown if it means border security. Trump should get an electric shock every time he lies, then may he may see the many errors of his ways.

Farmers Bill

Last week congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill which for some reason didn’t receive much hype and fanfare. Instead there was a yawn and a nod. But what most informed people don’t know about is one little provision in the bill which is monumental. The feds legalized industrial HEMP; the part of the marijuana plant that doesn’t get you high but has multiple commercial and medical uses. This is a Big deal. Now hemp’s a regular crop instead of a Schedule I drug, it gives a shot of adrenaline to a small farming industry, farmers can now apply for bank loans to grow the crop, and the US is one step closer to legalizing and decriminalizing recreational marijuana. The potential amount of profits is tremendous and hard to ignore. VillageRuckus’ crystal ball says 2022. The year the feds pass another bill where one can legally puff puff pass the brown stuff, with no worries of the men and women in blue.