Not So Special After All…

Hey hey Folks, remember a few posts back when the VillageRuckus reported how MC Slick Willie aka Trump aka 4.5 is ever so quietly trying to bar federally funded family planning clinics from referring abortions, well now he’s attacking funding for the mentally and physically disabled. Hasn’t grabbed huge headlines but 4.5 directed Education Puppet DeVos to slash and burn all money for The Special Olympics!! Ouch. Two notables here people: we’re talking roughly $18 million on the table, a spit drop compared to the total government budget, and secondly DeVos when questioned by a congressional committee didn’t know how many special athletes would be affected…WHAT?!?! Answer is about 272,000 people. But wait, there’s more. Then DeVos has the stones to rip the media for shamefully reporting her agenda? And also admits all the reports were in fact accurate…huh? Devos we’re begging you to set aside a few bucks for lecture classes for you and all of 4.5’s staff. Decency 101, Ethics 411, and Blatant Lying 305.

Dick-tater Tot….

Just when you think the white house aka Trump has reached a new low level of head scratching, he manages to crush the bar again. Please tell us you heard 4.5 is signing an executive order forcing colleges to protect and guarantee free speech aka the first amendment on their campuses, or else lose federal funding? Say BULLY out loud. 99% of schools already have such language in their policies, or so we’d hope. But the irony is last week Trump threw a twitter tantrum because he was upset Saturday Night Live made fun of him tooo much. Boo Hoo. He even mentioned having the FCC investigate the show because they hurt his one feeling, while not giving equal time to the “other side”. SNL’s made fun of every president since the 70’s, Trump so happens to provide the most sketch material and he can’t take it. Free speech is free speech whether on a college campus or tv. Has anyone else noticed how much of 4.5’s behavior resembles those other individuals who suppress their country’s media and operating with no checks or balances of power? Can you spell DICK-tater?.

Gotham City

It’s currently a Tale of Two Cities over in Land O DC, specifically the white house. We know, what a shocker. In city #1, Trump miraculously wants Bobby Mueller’s report to be made public. But he questions Mueller’s authority to write a summary of his findings, and then wonders if those findings will be legit. We all know 4.5 will only accept the report if the findings are in his favor, no collusion. In city #2 democrats have launched multiple congressional investigations into 4.5′ businesses and white house shannigans requesting documents and voluntary witness testimony. As of this date no documents, no voluntary testimonies, just silence. VillageRuckus is confused: city #1 wants a major report released, city #2 won’t cooperate and stalling as long as possible. No wonder the white house and 4.5 are disorganized, they have no clue whether to play offense or defensive. We think they should consult Trump’s friend Bobby Kraft….who’s “knees” deep in his own defense at the moment.

The Blocks Are Crumbling…..

Our VillageRuckus necks suffered a case of whiplash when we heard a few days ago Nancy Pelosi publicly state she was against 4.5 impeachment and that he wasn’t worth the effort. Sure she caused a divide among the Democrats, while many said the impeachment course is still full steam ahead and it doesn’t matter what Pelosi thinks at the moment. Notice we said at the moment? Pause and look at the big picture. Pelosi may know there’s enough evidence in the near future that will force bipartisan action to move impeachment proceedings. By removing herself now 4.5 can’t argue Pelosi is the force behind any “witch hunt.” Pure evidence will speak for itself, or not. Another possible reason for pull back is Pelosi knows Mikey Pence waits in the shadows if 4.5 is shoved out. And what do we really know about Pence? Maybe Pelosi knows. It’s kray kray to fathom, but Pence could be even worse-er! than Trump!! Where’s a paper bag, we’re having a panic attack and can’t breathe. As the saying goes…it’s better to deal with the devil you know, than the one you don’t.

Obstruction at It’s Finest

Two weeks ago former interim Attorney General Matt Whitaker ever so quietly left the Department of Justice. His departure was church mouse quiet. But now the real truth may awaken from the shadows. Trump allegedly called Whitaker asking if a federal prosecutor who he appointed and considered loyal could be put in charge of the investigation of his former lawyer Mikey Cohen? And get this…this prosecutor had already been recused from that particular investigation because of his links to Trump. If this proves to be on point true, old boy 4.5 is in trouble. It’s a little something called obstruction, meaning he used his power for a corrupt purpose and to deflect an investigation. No wonder Trump hates the media, because they do their job reporting his lies and catching his smallish hands over and over in the cookie jar.

It’s coming down the pike

Omarosa, former Apprentice contestant and white house aide, interviewed with Chris Matthews and revealed an interesting and very logical viewpoint. Many people don’t realize 4.5’s personal secretary Rhona Graff has worked with him for about 30 years. Trump heavily relies on her and she knows just about everything and everyone in his life, why, because most people have to go through her to get to him. So wouldn’t it make sense for dem damn democrats to subpoena her? Of course after all these years Graff is probably fiercely loyal. She’d most likely show up for questioning and then plead the 5th. But even pleading the 5th speaks volumes. When the democrats launched their latest round of investigations and sent 81 letters to various people requesting information on Trump, his campaign, his businesses, his family, etc, the VillageRuckus wonders is Graff received one? In fact, we’re thinking she should have received letter #1.

Massage the Talks in Silk Robes and Bunny Slippers

Trump’s all important tremendously historic summit comes to a sudden STOP, as in do not pass go and collect $200. Supposedly he decided to walk away simply because N.Korea wanted all sanctions lifted without giving up their nuclear arms? It’s a summit 4.5, which means negotiation, compromise, give and take. Trump should’of called Bobbie Kraft for a recommendation on a good “massage” joint, then he and Kim put on their robes and bunny slippers and work out the differences in relaxing sauna sessions. But we think the about face is all about Mikey Cohen’s 3 day testimony, and 4.5’s inability to focus on negotiations and sling tweet trash like he wants. We envision Trump calling up Kim…hey Kim I got some trouble back home and I really want to be there, you mind if we pick this up next year? VillageRuckus also sees Trump’s ego battleship taking hits because the media’s focus is more on Cohen’s testimony than his overseas summit. We also smile as Trump sweats out coca cola on the plane ride home, as the only planning on his mind is damage control.

Back off MY Eggs….

Guess what people, Trump thinks he’s a rapper, MC Slick Willie. Why isn’t he front and center as usual declaring victory about how he just barred publicly funded family planning health clinics from referring abortions? They also slipped through ninja style another provision stating these same clinics can not be housed in the same location as abortion providers. Please read both statements carefully, assume lotus sit down position, close eyes, and ponder the implications, cause it’s obvious to the VillageRuckus Trump’s stabbing pro choice with a pro life knife. These moves hurt all women with state insurances or no insurance, aka the poor and mostly minority . Sad how 4-5 won’t stand behind this latest sack kick but instead sends corpse face Conway to work the room on this fire cracker topic. Trump has the vim and vigor to try and control women’s family planning choices behind the scenes, but lacks the courage to stand on the podium like he usually does, look into the cameras, and deliver this Great Tremendous news to female America.

The Shenanigans….

Look left and the right stole your wallet, look right and left stole your drawers. We’re talking about the last two absolutely kray kray fast and furious weeks in US politics. In no particular order: Paulie Manafort’s judge basically says he’s a traitor trying to protect Russian agents by not telling the whole truth with Mueller’s Assassins. Trump declares Wall emergency bypassing Congress, setting off state law suits against imaginary images made up in Trump’s mind. At Trump’s insistence the Japanese prime minister nominates Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize, then has serious thoughts about harakiri. Trump advisor Roger Stone posts a picture of the presiding judge of his case near gun cross hairs on the internet, need we say more? After his confirmation AG William Barr’s son in law rocket ships to an undisclosed position in the white house, seriously? Robbie Mueller is Ohhhh so close to releasing his report, problem is AG Willaim Barr determines what we peons see, and who nominated Barr? Connect dem dots. Strap in folks for more shannanigans next week.

Pelosi or Bust

One word Trump probably hasn’t heard too much in his life time, or blatantly chooses to ignore? The word for today and next two years boyz and girls is…compromise. Which also blends perfectly with those old sayings you can get more tea bags with flattery, or is it diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or perhaps offer bees honey instead instead of dirty underwear? You get the picture. In order for Trump to pass any of his initiatives thru congress he better be willing to compromise and give Pelosi boatloads of diamond honey flattery. Yes it will hurt his inner child to be nice, yeah he may not accomplish everything on his mostly for the wealthy wish list, and yes he must lose his dictator like thinking. BUT he could accomplish so much more in a short amount of time by acting like a compromiser, even if it is just acting. In the Villageruckus’ crystal ball we see the Oscar award for acting like he’s helping the middle class, believing climate change is real, and speaking out against racism and discrimination goes to…DJT!! And then ball popped.