Not So Special After All…

Hey hey Folks, remember a few posts back when the VillageRuckus reported how MC Slick Willie aka Trump aka 4.5 is ever so quietly trying to bar federally funded family planning clinics from referring abortions, well now he’s attacking funding for the mentally and physically disabled. Hasn’t grabbed huge headlines but 4.5 directed Education Puppet DeVos to slash and burn all money for The Special Olympics!! Ouch. Two notables here people: we’re talking roughly $18 million on the table, a spit drop compared to the total government budget, and secondly DeVos when questioned by a congressional committee didn’t know how many special athletes would be affected…WHAT?!?! Answer is about 272,000 people. But wait, there’s more. Then DeVos has the stones to rip the media for shamefully reporting her agenda? And also admits all the reports were in fact accurate…huh? Devos we’re begging you to set aside a few bucks for lecture classes for you and all of 4.5’s staff. Decency 101, Ethics 411, and Blatant Lying 305.

24 Replies to “Not So Special After All…”

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