The Blocks Are Crumbling…..

Our VillageRuckus necks suffered a case of whiplash when we heard a few days ago Nancy Pelosi publicly state she was against 4.5 impeachment and that he wasn’t worth the effort. Sure she caused a divide among the Democrats, while many said the impeachment course is still full steam ahead and it doesn’t matter what Pelosi thinks at the moment. Notice we said at the moment? Pause and look at the big picture. Pelosi may know there’s enough evidence in the near future that will force bipartisan action to move impeachment proceedings. By removing herself now 4.5 can’t argue Pelosi is the force behind any “witch hunt.” Pure evidence will speak for itself, or not. Another possible reason for pull back is Pelosi knows Mikey Pence waits in the shadows if 4.5 is shoved out. And what do we really know about Pence? Maybe Pelosi knows. It’s kray kray to fathom, but Pence could be even worse-er! than Trump!! Where’s a paper bag, we’re having a panic attack and can’t breathe. As the saying goes…it’s better to deal with the devil you know, than the one you don’t.

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