It’s coming down the pike

Omarosa, former Apprentice contestant and white house aide, interviewed with Chris Matthews and revealed an interesting and very logical viewpoint. Many people don’t realize 4.5’s personal secretary Rhona Graff has worked with him for about 30 years. Trump heavily relies on her and she knows just about everything and everyone in his life, why, because most people have to go through her to get to him. So wouldn’t it make sense for dem damn democrats to subpoena her? Of course after all these years Graff is probably fiercely loyal. She’d most likely show up for questioning and then plead the 5th. But even pleading the 5th speaks volumes. When the democrats launched their latest round of investigations and sent 81 letters to various people requesting information on Trump, his campaign, his businesses, his family, etc, the VillageRuckus wonders is Graff received one? In fact, we’re thinking she should have received letter #1.

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