Gotham City

It’s currently a Tale of Two Cities over in Land O DC, specifically the white house. We know, what a shocker. In city #1, Trump miraculously wants Bobby Mueller’s report to be made public. But he questions Mueller’s authority to write a summary of his findings, and then wonders if those findings will be legit. We all know 4.5 will only accept the report if the findings are in his favor, no collusion. In city #2 democrats have launched multiple congressional investigations into 4.5′ businesses and white house shannigans requesting documents and voluntary witness testimony. As of this date no documents, no voluntary testimonies, just silence. VillageRuckus is confused: city #1 wants a major report released, city #2 won’t cooperate and stalling as long as possible. No wonder the white house and 4.5 are disorganized, they have no clue whether to play offense or defensive. We think they should consult Trump’s friend Bobby Kraft….who’s “knees” deep in his own defense at the moment.

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