Dick-tater Tot….

Just when you think the white house aka Trump has reached a new low level of head scratching, he manages to crush the bar again. Please tell us you heard 4.5 is signing an executive order forcing colleges to protect and guarantee free speech aka the first amendment on their campuses, or else lose federal funding? Say BULLY out loud. 99% of schools already have such language in their policies, or so we’d hope. But the irony is last week Trump threw a twitter tantrum because he was upset Saturday Night Live made fun of him tooo much. Boo Hoo. He even mentioned having the FCC investigate the show because they hurt his one feeling, while not giving equal time to the “other side”. SNL’s made fun of every president since the 70’s, Trump so happens to provide the most sketch material and he can’t take it. Free speech is free speech whether on a college campus or tv. Has anyone else noticed how much of 4.5’s behavior resembles those other individuals who suppress their country’s media and operating with no checks or balances of power? Can you spell DICK-tater?.

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